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Located in Fargo, North Dakota
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About Us

Located in Fargo, ND The Stained Glass Workshop specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of custom stained glass windows.

I have experience doing custom residential and ecclesiastical stained glass projects. I have the expertise to design appropriate technical solutions to any installation challenge. The ability to provide a full service to my clients distinguishes me from many other small stained glass workshops.

I have extensive experience in the professional repair and restoration of ecclesiastical and residential stained glass. I can provide verbal or written condition assessments of existing stained glass installations, and offer advice as to the proper course of action to preserve historic stained glass panels. If you have concerns about the condition of your stained glass panels, please contact me to come and take a look.

My architectural education and independent studies of design afford me an aesthetic sensitivity that is lacking in much of the stained glass work seen today. My construction background allows me to understand and execute the installation solutions that are unique to each project. And my stained glass experience allows me to provide my clients with work of good design, high quality, and structural integrity.

Pursue Your Passion

Already have a passion for creating stained glass masterpieces and you are having troubles finding materials, space or equipment to produce your art? The Stained Glass workshop not only has a variety of products and supplies for your creation but we also will rent out workshop space to local hobbyist wanting to pursue their passion with stained glass. Call today for availability.

We Work with Moorhead Community Education

The Stained Glass Workshop offers classes in the art of stained glass. Check out the Moorhead Community Education Course list to sign up for the next available class today!